How To Save During Christmas This Year

How to Save During Christmas This Year

Thanksgiving and Black Friday/Cyber Monday can always give my accounts a pretty big hit. Luckily I prepped for it but that doesn't mean the hit isn't there. So after that shopping extravaganza, I'm still looking for ways to save for…

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3 Tips For Holiday Budgeting

3 Tips for Holiday Budgeting

The best and worst part of the holidays is all the buying and spending. I love celebrating with family and showering everyone with gifts and treats. Unfortunately all those good times usually add up in my bank account. I've learned…

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Helpful Hints for the Impulse Buyer

We've all been there: the mall, Target, even the grocery store. We go in for one thing and leave with 17. Sometimes we even forget the one thing that required the trip in the first place!Impulse buyers unite! There is…

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The Grandparent Scam

Let me tell you a scary story. Yesterday my grandfather, living in Idaho, received a call from a police officer who identified himself with a name and badge number. The officer started asking questions about his granddaughter (me) living in…

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